Our Mission & Goals

Players First !

JFC Hong Kong is a junior soccer team based in Hong Kong supported by Japanese community. JFC restarted in April 2018 on merger of two Japanese teams, ACC Jr. and JJL. with our new coaching policy of Players First & Japan's Way. JFC is a Not-for-Profit Organization supported by many volunteers and supporters as well as sponsors.

As of Aug 2021, more than 80 boys and girls, from 3 years to 12 years old, are registered and practice football in pitches either in Hong Kong side (Happy Valley Sports Ground, Quarry Bay Park) or in Kowloon side (Morse Park No.3, Kowloon Tsai Park) in the morning of every Saturday. JFC is a member of HKJFCL(Hong Kong Junior Football League) and JFC team in each category from U7 to U13/14 play in Championship/Premier league or tournament. We also have weekday classes under JFC Academy both in Hong Kong side (at Happy Valley) and in Kowloon side (at Tai Wan Shan Park) since Jan 2019. As of Aug 2021, total 150 boys and girls, from 3 years old to 14 years old, join and enjoy our weekday classes.

JFC coaches for weekends are mainly volunteer Dad coaches including 7 coaches with Japan Football Association C level License and 10 coaches with JFA D level License. Meanwhile, for JFC Academy in weekdays, Japanese professional soccer players playing in Hong Kong Premier League or 1st Division coach children together with other Professional coaches.

We welcome any boys and girls, experienced or not, Japanese or non-Japanese, to our team. Please feel free coming for a Free Trial of a class , in weekend course or in weekday class!!

Contactjfchk@googlegroups.comSoichiro TSURUTA, Head Coach of JFC


  • Support children to be independent and strong-minded through various experiences in learning and improving football skills

  • Be a Soccer Family providing opportunities for children to take part in multi-national societies


JFC aims to grow our children, through enjoying football, to be

  • Players can judge by themselves

  • Players can do things by themselves

  • Player can say hello and goodbye

  • Player can help each other with teammates

Coaching Policy : Players First! & Japan's way

  • An adult (Coach & Parents) try to lead self-judgements by children with refraining from teaching details

  • Conduct coaching matching with each ages based on Japan Football Association’s coaching policy

  • Pursuit Fair Play Spirits which is a pride of Japan and learn “Never-Give-Up” stance

Coaches and Parents agree on and fully understand following points

  • Preparations for soccer practices and games should be done by a child himself/herself

  • During practices and games, safety and health of children are always the first priority

  • A Coach has full responsibilities for menu of practice and coaching in practice

  • A Coach should try to organize practice menu in which all the children can join with consideration to beginners

  • A Coach has full responsibilities in selecting players for a game and changing players

  • A Coach must let all the children come to a game play in the game principally (with some exceptions)

  • JFC players try our best to win in any games

  • Both coaches and parents are refrained from advising directly own children during practices and games

  • Both coaches and parents are strictly prohibited from advising children with high pressure or with violence

  • We respect all related persons and parties with football games/practices (referees, opponents etc)