Players First !


  • Support children to be independent and strong-minded through various experiences in learning and improving football skills
  • Be a Soccer Family providing opportunities for children to take part in multi-national societies


JFC aims to grow our children, through enjoying football, to be

  • Players can judge by themselves
  • Players can do things by themselves
  • Player can say hello and goodbye
  • Player can help each other with teammates

Coaching Policy : Players First! & Japan's way

  • An adult (Coach & Parents) try to lead self-judgements by children with refraining from teaching details
  • Conduct coaching matching with each ages based on Japan Football Association’s coaching policy
  • Pursuit Fair Play Spirits which is a pride of Japan and learn “Never-Give-Up” stance

Coaches and Parents agree on and fully understand following points

  • Preparations for soccer practices and games should be done by a child himself/herself
  • During practices and games, safety and health of children are always the first priority
  • A Coach has full responsibilities for menu of practice and coaching in practice
  • A Coach should try to organize practice menu in which all the children can join with consideration to beginners
  • A Coach has full responsibilities in selecting players for a game and changing players
  • A Coach must let all the children come to a game play in the game principally (with some exceptions)
  • JFC players try our best to win in any games
  • Both coaches and parents are refrained from advising directly own children during practices and games
  • Both coaches and parents are strictly prohibited from advising children with high pressure or with violence
  • We respect all related persons and parties with football games/practices (referees, opponents etc)